Saturday, February 27, 2010


I ate 915 calories yesterday because I freaked out. I was afraid my metabolism would go into "survival mode" and just hold onto everything I ate. I NEED to start working out again to keep this from happening because I feel incredibly disgusting and bloated now. Working out is so hard though. Not because I don't have the drive or desire to workout (trust me...I LOVE it!) but because on days that I work out I get so incredibly hungry and so very tired. Maybe if I make sure that I workout at night that would help? That way I can just have some water and go to bed.

1 cup cheerios - 100
1/4 cup NF milk - 23
2 cup coffee w/stevia- 6
2 tbsp. SF vanilla creamer - 30

turkey & feta sandwich on LF bread - 140
chai tea w/stevia - 0
2 tbsp. SF vanilla creamer - 30

1/4 orange - 21
quaker oats minis - 90

2 slices organic spinach pizza - 240
diet pepsi - 0

mini delight brownie - 150
2 tbsp. light whipped cream - 15
LF toast - 45
1/2 tbsp. smart balance butter - 25

Total: 915 calories


You just gotta love her!

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