Monday, February 22, 2010


I did so much better yesterday and I am so proud of myself. I'm also doing pretty good today! I'm going home in a little more than three weeks and I'd like to lose a few more pounds by then. Last time I went home I was 118 lbs. and everyone was shocked. It was great. But this time I'm home for good, and I'm going to run into a lot more people I have not seen since I went to school two years ago. Two of them are exes. In addition, my dad is buying me a graduation present by paying for my little sis and I to stay at at hotel and go to Disneyland! Who wouldn't want to skinny and pretty at the Happiest Place on Earth? I have so many pictures from going there that I absolutely hate because I'm so flippin' fat, so I'm hoping to get some cute pictures of my sister and I while we are there.

1 cup cheerios - 100
1/2 cup non-fat milk - 45
2 cup coffee w/stevia - 4
2 tbsp. SF creamer - 30

3/4 cup chicken stirfry (chicken, broccoli, onion, terriyaki sauce) ~ 75
2 cups iced passion tea w/stevia ~ 0

10 snap peas - 14
2 tbsp. garlic hummus - 50

3/4 cup organic black bean & veggie soup - 100
light toast - 45
1 tbsp. smart balance butter - 25

smart balance popcorn - 100
sugar-free jello mousse - 60
diet pepsi - 0

Total = 648 calories



Imperfections said...

well done on doing well today!
keep it up honey, i know you're going to be able to meet your goals for when you go home!

Pretty Blog said...

thank you so much!!!

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