Friday, February 26, 2010


I weighed myself this morning and I'm back down to 118 lbs! Hooray for me :) It was that extra motivation I needed today, because every Friday morning my office fills the kitchen with free donuts and bagels with all of the fixings. So I sat at my desk, worked, drank my coffee, and watched people pass by with their plates of fatty-deliciousness. I did not give into temptation once! I even brought an apple in case I started losing it, and I didn't even have that...just coffee.
I spoke with my friends back in SoCal today and I have more reasons to be motivated to keep up with my regimen. First, my best friend and I are throwing a huge Welcome Home bash for me when I return. We're going to meet at my place and then go out to a show in L.A. Second, my girlfriend is having her birthday which will last two days. We are going to the clubs in L.A. and then we are going with a larger group to a local club in our hometown. I'm so excited!!!!!! I can't wait to go shopping for these events ;) Oh and I need to go shopping for new underwear because mine keep falling off! LOL.

1 cup cheerios - 100
1/4 cup NF milk - 23
2 cup coffee w/stevia - 0
2 tbsp. SF vanilla creamer - 30

1/2 bag Quaker Oats minis - 45

turkey & feta sandwich on LF bread - 140

green bell pepper - 24
1 tbsp. garlic hummus - 25
1/4 orange - 21
diet pepsi - 0

3/4 cup organic black bean & vegetable soup - 100
LF toast - 45
1/2 tbsp. smart balance butter - 25
diet pepsi - 0

2 cups coffee w/stevia - 6
2 tbsp. SF vanilla creamer - 30

Total: 614 calories


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Imperfections said...

I found the part about underwear so inspirational! I actually tried on a pair of really old jeans today, and couldn't do them up. That was my motivation!
You're doing great, keep it up! :D

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