Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Warrior.

Yesterday sucked. I hate Fridays because my work day is so hectic and I was totally stressing out because I knew my supervisors were going to be watching me. I ended up working out less and eating more to prepare for the judging. LAME! Well, at least it's over and I have two days to do whatever I want. I plan on eating far less than I do on the weekdays and I'm going to get in a super big workout tomorrow. I've been trying to stick to the two days workout/one day break schedule to keep me from getting burnt out and it's working pretty well actually. I just bought the book "Wasted" and I'm excited to start it today.

Calories: +913
Exercise: -179

love, pretty, thin.


Marla said...

The pictures you post are amazing, where do you find them? xx

Pretty Blog said...

Everywhere! Usually other thinspiration blogs, but mostly from

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