Thursday, August 19, 2010


Okay, yesterday ended up being better. I went to work, skipped dinner, went to the jacuzzi and watched a movie with my boyfriend. He's a total health nut. It's kinda scary sometimes. He knows about my eating problems but really doesn't make an effort to do anything about it. I think deep down inside he liked the thinner version of myself. Since I've gained weight, he's not as grabby or as touchy/feely as he used to be. Since we moved back from school he's actually gotten much thinner. Like I can see all of his ribs and his sternum. He claims he wants to gain weight but he just doesn't have time to make and eat all of the food it requires. Boys are so weird. Hope you all are doing great!

Calories: +630
Exercise: -0

love, pretty, thin.

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coco said...

i know how you feel. the boy i'm interested in right now has barely any fat and i feel terrible actually ): i like the thinner version of myself too.

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