Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I've seen 117 on the scale two days in a row now but I haven't the courage to change my stats. I think I'm afraid this weekend is going to catch up with me or something. Maybe I'll wait another day. I just always think my scale is lying to me. Well, I did better yesterday...not at all great, but better. It's really hard to avoid over-eating when you have papers and finals to work on. I just crave sugar and salt so bad on those days, and would much rather rummage through my kitchen than continue working. Le sigh. I just need to get through this next week and a half and them I am DONE!

1 cup cheerios - 100
1/4 cup NF milk - 23
2 cup coffee - 6
2 tbsp. SF vanilla creamer - 30

small banana - 72

egg white spinach & feta omlette - 94
LF toast - 45
1/2 tbsp. smart balance butter - 25
diet pepsi - 0

SF jello mousse cup - 60
7 almonds - 49

WW english muffin - 120
1/2 tbsp. smart balance butter - 25
1/8 cup RF feta - 25

WW english muffin - 120
1/2 tbsp. smart balance butter - 25
sprinkle of stevia & cinnamon - 0
2 cup coffee w/stevia - 6
2 tbsp. SF vanilla creamer - 30

Total: 855 calories


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Jem said...

change the stats! and thanks for your comment about the low carb. the weight loss stopped... but i think ill keep it up for a little... just to see how it goes. i am worried about bingeing like you said and the carbs being stored as fat. BUT i like it bc of the lack of hunger bc im gorged on protein. well, we'll see. congrats skinny minnie! i cant wait til im at 117 again. ENJOY IT!

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