Friday, March 12, 2010


Hey loves,
I'm sorry I've been kinda absent again. It's finals week and I'm showing my apartment to hopeful renters. It's getting down the wire and I'm almost done! I'm so excited. I haven't been keeping track of my food, but I know I'm staying under 1,000 calories. Those extra calories have been coming from my study/pre-test snacks. If you have sugar during your studying and during your test you do much much better. Since I need A's in my classes, I figured it would be worth the small "snackrifice." AH! Anyways, YES I'm going to change my weight to 117lbs. I've seen it on the scale three days in a row now. I saw 117.5 lastnight (right after dinner) and I saw 116.8 this morning. So yay! I thought I'd drown everyone in thinspo today as well.


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